Resource List for Parents and Teachers

We have put together a resource list of useful books/ videos for helping to discuss important topics with children:


*Links to read aloud versions on You Tube are included for most of these books. If there is not one available, please reach out to me using my contact information at the bottom. I will try to get a copy to anyone that would like to borrow a book.



Topic: Feelings/Emotions

Topic: Self-Acceptance

Topic: Body Autonomy

  • “My Body Belongs to Me” by Channing Bete Company (Body autonomy/ private parts) *Video not available please reach out to borrow a copy the book below covers similar material
  • “My Body Belongs to Me from My Head to My Toes” created by Pro Familia *
  • “Amazing you!” by Dr. Gail Saltz (getting smart about your private parts) * With pages excluded about babies
  • “A Very Touching Book” by Jan Hindman (teaches correct terminology and correct responses to touching and other physical contact) *Longer book, same topics covered in other books on this list however if you are looking for something more in depth please ask to borrow my copy

Topic: Safe/Unsafe/Secret Touch


Topic: Other

  • “The Mouse, the Monster and me” by Pat Palmer (Assertiveness for young people) *Longer book but a great one to look at please reach out to borrow my copy
  • “Jenny is Scared” by Carol Shuman (When sad things happen in the world) *Videos available on YouTube of children reading the book also please reach out to borrow a copy


*Indicates the video may discuss private parts or be geared towards older kids/ teens

Other Resources:

Contact Information if you would like to reach out to me:

Savannah Holden, Outreach Training and Volunteer Coordinator

Phone: (575) 758-8082, Ext. 227