History of CAV

In 1978, in Taos, NM, two groups of women began a volunteer hotline and providing crisis intervention out of their homes for survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault.

Those two grassroots, volunteer organizations eventually merged to become the organization now known as Community Against Violence (CAV).

CAV has grown to provide an array of services and is considered one of the most comprehensive service agencies in New Mexico. It is the only agency in Taos County that works solely with adult and child survivors of domestic and sexual violence and is the only domestic violence shelter in Taos County.

Over the years, CAV has developed programs to meet the needs of the community, including: advocacy, and case management services; crisis intervention and safety planning; counseling and support groups; parenting classes; Batterer’s Intervention Programs; and prevention and educational programs for the community. The Northern New Mexico Children’s Advocacy Center (NNMCAC), formerly known as the Taos Children’s Safehouse, was established in 1997 in response to the high incidence of child abuse in our region. The NNMCAC provides specialized forensic interviews to children, and adults with disabilities, who are alleged or suspected of having been abused. NNMCAC is the only program providing accredited, specialized services in Taos, Mora, Colfax, Rio Arriba, San Miguel, and Union Counties.

To help CAV provides these services, counselors, attorneys, physicians, and other professionals offer their services at reduce rates and many businesses donate their services and goods. Volunteers, local donations, and fundraising remain essential in supplementing funding and grants from various private foundations, corporations, federal, state, and local governments.

CAV will continue to grow and expand as directed by the needs of the survivors of domestic and sexual violence which we serve. It continues to be a strong community-based organization depending on the community for support.