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Individual services and shelter are still up and running! Please do not hesitate to reach out, we are here to help!

CAV’s mission is to foster and support a community free from all forms of domestic and sexual violence.

CAV offers a 24-Hour HELPline (575.758.9888) and TEXTline (575-770-2706) for survivors of domestic and sexual violence. We provide legal and medical advocacy services, counseling and support groups, children’s programs, community prevention and outreach programs, and are able to provide information and resources for those in need.

CAV also has an on-site emergency shelter for adults and children, and offers short and long-term transitional housing programs.

Community Against Violence is the only agency in Taos County that works solely with survivors of domestic and sexual violence and is the only domestic violence shelter in Taos County.

All Services are FREE and Confidential.

CAV employs a client-centered, client-directed approach to intervention, which begins from the assumption that each client is an expert on her/his own situation and needs, and that given the time, information, skills and support our staff can provide, each client has the capacity to make positive and appropriate choices toward her/his future well-being.

Our vision is for residents of Taos County and surrounding areas to be safe from all forms of violence. As an organization we respond to individuals and families in crisis; provide ongoing support for those healing from the effects of domestic and sexual violence; and reach out to children, adults, and organizations to educate and prevent future violence.

Current CAV Board Members are:

Liana Bayles, Chair

Harold Lefthand, Vice-Chair
Leticia Pacheco, Treasurer
Adriana Blake, Secretary

Molly McMullin, Past-Chair

James Hatfield
French Espinoza

Lisa Bushnell


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