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Prevention & Outreach Programs

Community Against Violence, (CAV) offers a three-pronged approach to fulfill our mission of fostering and supporting communities free from all forms of domestic and sexual violence – Crisis Intervention, Support & Recovery Services and Education & Prevention Outreach. All CAV services are confidential and provided free of charge to survivors.

Education & Prevention Outreach

Our goal is to address the root causes of violence in our community by first and foremost promoting anti-oppression, non-violence, unity, social justice, self-determination and liberation of historically oppressed groups through a process of grassroots based community education and leadership development; providing tools to oppressed groups to build power; and by creating movement for community change. We work to decrease the incidence of violence, specifically, domestic violence, sexual violence and youth-on-youth violence in the Taos County area and to increase the safety of all women, men and children who live within our community. Read more...

Community-Based Education/Outreach

CHANGES – is a domestic violence male offenders’ intervention and re-education program that works to help break the cycle of violence by assisting an individual in being accountable for their actions as well as by changing the beliefs held by domestic violence perpetrators. The approach uses proven strategies for violence cessation in order to change learned perceptions based on power, control, fear, jealousy and violence. The approved DVOTI-Batterer Intervention Program is a 52-session program intended for both court and self-referred clients and is available for males and females. Read more...